Saturday Music Series

Join us every Saturday of the summer for our Saturday Music Series at Owl Falls! Enjoy a different food truck every week, live music, raw chocolate by Love Bites Chocolate, cold-pressed green juice & nut milk, henna & more local vendors! Alcohol-Free/Sober Event. Every Saturday through August 9 1-5pm.


Art, Music & Food by the Waterfall – THIS WEEKEND!

Art, Music & Food by the Waterfall – a perfect plan. The 13th Annual Topanga Canyon Artist’s Studio Tour is next weekend – and Jalan Jalan is one of the hosts! Please come join us by the waterfall next weekend on Saturday June 7 & Sunday June 8  from 12-6pm for a beautiful weekend of local […]


Balinese Treasures in Owl Falls Topanga

One might think that the last place that you’d find rare Balinese items would be a boutique shop in Owl Falls, Topanga. After all, Los Angeles is thousands of miles away from that small island region. However, Jalan Jalan Imports is the place to go if you are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind of a […]

Jalan Jalan Imports - Topanga, CA

Where to Find Exotic Items in Southern California

So, you’ve been searching high and low for that exotic item that strikes your fancy. Maybe you’re looking for a handmade balinese item to go with your living room décor or want that perfect gift for a loved one. Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to talk about where you can go in Southern […]

Jalan Jalan Imports - Topanga, CA

One of a Kind Gifts at Jalan Jalan Imports

We’ve all been there- searching for that perfect gift for someone special in your life, only to realize that they have absolutely everything. If you’re facing this conundrum right now, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of gifts that you can find at Jalan Jalan Imports in Los Angeles, located […]


Jalan Jalan Imports: An Ideal Destination for Your Next Event

Looking for a venue to hold your next big event? Are you trying to avoid the “same old” rental locations that everyone seems to opt for? Would you like a spacious venue, but don’t want a rental location that loses the cozy feel that you’re trying to go for? If so, then why not hold […]

Jalan Jalan Imports - Topanga, CA

Jalan Jalan Imports: A Unique Curio Cabinet of Exotic Rarities

Jalan Jalan has often been described as an import shop that caters to the collector in all of us, and that sentiment couldn’t be more true. With a wide range of exotic rarities and unique gifts, we have something for everything and the perfect gift for any occasion. If you’ve been searching for a los […]


Creating Balance in Your Office with Handmade Balinese Items

Have you been stressed at work as of late?  Do you find that merely stepping foot into your office makes you tense up or feel as though you would rather be anywhere else but there?  Does your place of business not feel as welcoming and inviting as you’d like?  If so, then maybe you should […]

Jalan Jalan Imports, California

Unusual Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking for a creative ways to liven up your work or home space?  Have you been trying to find that unusual interior design item that will give your room an international flair?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few unique and unusual interior design ideas, courtesy of […]

Jalan Jalan Imports - Topanga, CA

Jalan Jalan Imports: A Collectors Dream

You’ve probably landed on this article because you are a collector who is looking for his or her next big find, or you may know someone who can be described in this fashion and you are searching for that perfect gift.  This article was written for those who are in the market to find a […]

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