Looking for a venue to hold your next big event? Are you trying to avoid the “same old” rental locations that everyone seems to opt for? Would you like a spacious venue, but don’t want a rental location that loses the cozy feel that you’re trying to go for? If so, then why not hold your next event or gathering at Jalan Jalan imports los angeles rental location.

Why choose Jalan Jalan for your next event? The property where Jalan Jalan is located is quite remarkable, and is complete with the historic Owl Falls, a 3-story spring fed waterfall that runs all year round. Our serene and spectacular venue will make your guests feel as though they have been transported to some exotic land without even stepping foot on a plane. Our grounds are often used for a variety of special events, film shoots and for general location rental purposes.

The perks of holding your event at Jalan Jalan Imports.  We might be best known for our Balinese imports, hand carved statues, exotic furniture, solid stone carvings, petrified wood pieces, and teak furniture, but our event location rental los angeles has grown to be quite popular amongst those who are looking for a unique and awe inspiring venue. We are lucky enough to have grounds that provide an environment that is breathtaking and spacious, and we truly believe that it should be shared with those who would like to rent our space for events or gatherings. Our los angeles owl falls location rental property would be an ideal setting for weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and corporate events, as well as any other event that you think would benefit from a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Jalan Jalan Imports is located at Owl Falls, Topanga. Our stunning waterfall and serene grounds could be the perfect backdrop for your unique event, gathering or film shoot. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our location via the rental form in the location rental section of this site or call us at 310-455-BALI (2254) to inquire about booking the space. Given the growing popularity of the location, you may want to give us a call as soon as you know the date and time you would like, as spaces are limited.