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Stone Sculptures

sculptureJalan Jalan Imports hand selects the finest solid stone carvings available. Most of the carvings are of Hindu deities (i.e. Shiva, Ganesh, Buddha) and traditional Balinese characters and designs. However, you will see that our inventory also includes reliefs, stone pots and planters, animals, Balinese angels and more. The stone most commonly used for carving falls into two categories: volcanic stone and sedimentary stone.

Volcanic Stone

Volcanic stone can be black, red or silver/gray when freshly carved. The untreated stone will naturally turn to a darker gray/brown over time. Sealing the stone with a high end sealer will help preserve the “fresh” color of the carving. Many times, especially on the very best quality carvings, the artist will apply a glaze that gives the piece a white, auburn or black finish. Volcanic stone is usually used to make the very best quality carvings. It is harder, heavier and more brittle than sedimentary stone, and though harder to chisel, the artist can sculpt more detail into the piece. You can expect to pay significantly more for volcanic stone than softer stones.

Sedimentary Stone

The most common sedimentary stone used for statues is green stone (most common, the hardest of the group) and sandstone. Each of these stones has a very distinct personality. Green stone is often coated with a black glaze, though it is a very beautiful in its natural state. It is softer than volcanic stone, but still very durable. Many times you will see chunks of volcanic stone “floating” in the piece – we love that! Sandstone can have beautiful swirls that run through the stone. It is a light color, with beige and browns running through the pattern. Many traditional Balinese designs are made from this stone.

When touring our store and enjoying all of the items that we offer, you will also find natural gemstones and fossils at our Owl Falls location that are unique and may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Jalan Jalan Imports is located at Owl Falls in the heart of Topanga, 525 South Topanga Canyon Blvd (3.5 miles from PCH). We are open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.

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