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Exceptional, handcrafted teak root furniture: benches, sofas and tables are now available in Los Angeles, California at Jalan Jalan Imports, Topanga.
Teak root furniture: harvesting of the teak root
Harvesting of the teak root

Jalan Jalan Imports is excited to announce our partnership with a teak root manufacturer producing the highest quality and best selection of teak root benches and tables we have ever seen. Jalan Jalan Imports has purchased teak root items in the past, however much of the product we’ve found is poorly crafted and uncomfortable to sit in, so the selection was limited. It takes a skilled craftsman/artist to study the intricacies of a massive teak root cluster and cut from it beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture. This teak root furniture manufacturer is amazing. We liked it so much, we bought an entire container of it while we had the chance. Once their inventory is exhausted, it takes months to replenish and our timing was perfect. The selection was amazing while we were there in November and we bought all the very best pieces.

Teak root furniture: harvesting of the teak root
Removal process of the teak root

In Indonesia, nothing is left to waste. When teak trees are harvested, a process controlled by Perum Perhutani (Indonesia’s State run forest management service) it leaves a root cluster that can be several meters or more wide. Once the harvesting has taken place, a less corporate group comes in to remove the roots to use in small scale furniture and craft manufacturing. Once the roots are out, the area is replanted with teak trees that will grow for 40 to 80 years before the next harvesting will take place. Teak sales are big business in Indonesia, and it is in the country’s best interest to manage the process in an organized and sustainable way.

The roots are brought from Java to a facility near Ubud, Bali, where craftsman and artists study the cluster to figure out the best way to cut the roots apart. If done properly, a cluster will produce a table from the base of the tree and several benches of various sizes, as well as smaller pieces that can be used for other purposes. Once a section is removed, it is studied further and ultimately shaped and crafted into a piece of furniture, such as a bench. The final result should be beautiful to the eye and comfortable to sit in. It’s is a true art form.

Teak root furniture: harvesting of the teak root
Teak root harvesting

Due to its high oil content, fine grain and dense nature, teak is very durable and rot resistant. Perfect for outdoor furniture. Regardless of how the wood is originally finished, without maintenance sun and weather will burn off the finish and the wood will ultimately turn a beautiful silver/gray color. If you like that look, no future maintenance is required. If you want more of a dark brown look, it’s as simple as keeping the wood oiled. With non-colored oil the wood will turn a deep reddish brown. Or for a different look you can use an oil with a shade of color. With all that said, if you keep your finished piece inside, or at least out of direct sunlight, the original finish will not deteriorate.