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Jalan Jalan Imports is a unique Los Angeles boutique importer of solid stone carvings, petrified wood, teak furniture, indoor/outdoor design elements, hand-crafted furniture and many other unique treasures from Bali and the World. 

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Welcome to the official online home of Jalan Jalan Imports, located at Owl Falls, Topanga. We are a Los Angeles-based boutique importer of solid stone carvings, petrified wood, teak furniture, indoor/outdoor design elements, hand-crafted furniture and many other unique treasures from Bali and the World. Our goal is to provide individuals, collectors, designers, as well as architects, with access to a unique collection of extraordinary, hand-crafted design elements for in and around your home or office.IMG_7809Many who visit our Southern California Imports shop end up discovering that item (or items) they simply wouldn’t find elsewhere. This is because Brian Gibson, owner of  Jalan Jalan, personally selects or has custom made each and every item in the store. The result is a collection of  items unlike any other in the area. Since everything that we sell is made by hand or one-of-a-kind, no two items are exactly the same. If you are interested in the items on this site after perusing its many sections, you will surely enjoy visiting our Topanga location to get a better feel for our remarkable and truly unique inventory.

At Jalan Jalan you will find hand beaded lamps and exquisite carvings from Bali, Shiva Linga Stones from India, large museum quality gem stones such as amethyst from Brazil, malachite from Africa, labradorite from Madagascar and meteorites from other worlds. In essence, all sorts of exotic design items can be found amongst our “shelves”, and you can practically shop the marketplaces of the world without even leaving Southern California.

Much of what we sell is intended for “outdoor beautification”, with the idea that your outdoor living space should be as beautiful as the interior of your home. Jalan Jalan looks for items that are either weatherproof or are intended to age gracefully outdoors, such as hand carved teak benches, petrified wood furniture and iron wood tables. We are also working to identify the finest quality building materials for people who want to add a special accent to new construction.

Please feel free to check out our news page for special events. We’re located at Owl Falls in the heart of Topanga, 525 South Topanga Canyon Blvd (3.5 miles from PCH). We are open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.

Located at Owl Falls, Topanga

The property where Jalan Jalan is located is spectacular, complete with the historic Owl Falls, a 3-story spring fed waterfall that runs all year long.  Those who visit the Falls often remark that they feel as though they have been transported to some exotic land that is filled with sights and sounds that awake the senses and make them feel at peace.

Jalan Jalan Imports is located at Owl Falls, Topanga. 

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our location at 310-455-BALI (2254)

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