Gutesha Collection

Gutesha Collection has been a part of Jalan Jalan Imports and Topanga Rocks from the beginning. Joyce is our longest employee and an incredibly talented jewelry maker and curator. Before she joined us at our shop, she had already developed an exquisite eye while mastering the craft of handmade jewelry.
In Joyce’s collection you will find Indonesian inspired jewelry, to the occasional one-of-a-kind vintage piece in addition to more modern clean styles. She offers a unique blend of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, which often include natural crystals, gems and semi-precious stones. One of Joyce’s specialties is hand forging sterling silver into unique chain styles of heirloom quality. You can also find her work in bronze, gold and occasionally copper.
Joyce’s collection is constantly changing and evolving so you will see new items with each visit.
You’ll surely be impressed by her unique style and interesting variety.
Here are a few example photos of past items from Joyce’s collection. To see her current inventory, stop by the store.
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