Crystal Gridding

Crystal gridding is a form of energy gridding, created by placing the appropriate crystals in the right place. Each grid is personalized to what resonates with your goals and intentions. Crystal gridding is often decorative, by using larger pieces to create a functional and beautiful design. Smaller crystals can have the same effect to create a purely functional grid. A crystal grid may be a localized space or cover an entire property.

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Space Cleansing

Space cleansing improves the flow, lightness and overall feeling of a space. Depending on the space, regular maintenance may be necessary to keep a space running optimally. Each session is personalized to the space and client’s needs. A localized space or an entire property can be cleansed, depending on the needs of the client.
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Astrology and Oracle Reading

Use Astrology and Oracle reading to gain insight on yourself or a loved one. Astrology and oracle reading can help determine and give direction on important events, an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and compatibility with a partner or family member. You will also gain knowledge on how to read Astrological charts and use different divination techniques.
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